Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI-DS)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computing concept that enables a machine to think and solve complex problems as we humans do with our natural intelligence. AI is the next phase of the industrial revolution and has established itself firmly in our society. Almost all branches of industry have been affected by the ongoing transformation through its algorithms.

Data Science (DS), arising as the fourth paradigm of science (empirical, theoretical, computational and data-driven). Data as the ‘currency or fuel of our time’, contributes in transforming businesses, transforming society and basically shaping the future for the better in enormous ways.

The AI & DS has opened up exciting new opportunities for interdisciplinary work across many fields including computer science, mathematics, statistics, and information science from which it draws foundational knowledge and the current demand for a career in AI & DS is considerable and growing daily.

The B. Tech (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) course addresses this transformation by providing you as a student with the broad and in-depth skills required to work with and develop AI. You will be trained how to obtain, process and store enormous amounts of data, which is the root of AI and development processes.